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GroVia® Shells Hook & Loop Closure



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This listing is for HOOK & LOOP shells.  If you are looking for Snap closure you can find those here!

The GroVia® Hybrid system is a revolution in cloth diapering. The innovative cloth diaper Shell is designed to allow for multiple wears between washes and uses the industry's best materials. For use with our Soaker Pads, BioSoakers, and other absorbent diapers.

Choose between Hook & Loop closure or Snap closure!

What is the GroVia® Diapering System?
GroVia® is a modern, one-size diapering system. Its unique, waterproof shell and organic cotton soaker pad minimizes waste and cost. When the soaker pad is wet, simply replace with a fresh, dry one!

You can also choose from the new stay dry soaker pad when you want to keep baby's skin dry.
How does GroVia® work?

GroVia® is designed so that the outer shells may be used for multiple diaper changes. If the soaker pad is wet, simply snap in a fresh one and you are ready to go.  If the shell is wet, allow it to air dry and use for the next diaper change.  When your GroVia® Shell is soiled or very saturated, start fresh with a new GroVia® Shell.

Most GroVia® System users will find that using 2-4 GroVia® Shells are enough per day, although newborn babies may need more.

How does the one-size feature on my GroVia® work?
GroVia® will fit MOST babies from 8-35 lbs. The GroVia® Shell features three sets of rise snaps that adjust to fit your baby. Our unique one-size Organic Soaker Pad fits from 8-35 lbs as well.

  1. Newborn/Small Infant Setting: Snap your GroVia® Shell rise snaps on the lowest setting. Snap your soaker pad into the shell and simply flip the front of the soaker pad in towards baby. Fastened diaper on baby.
  2. Infant Setting: Snap your GroVia® Shell rise snaps on the middle setting. Snap your soaker pad into the shell. Tuck the front of your soaker pad down, while pulling the front panel up and fasten on baby.
  3. Toddler Setting: Leave your GroVia® Shell rise snaps unsnapped. Snap your soaker pad into the shell and fasten on baby


Grovia Sizing


  How to care for your GroVia® Diapering System?

First and foremost it is important to wash and dry your Organic Cotton Soaker Pads at least 3-5 times prior to use. They will not be fully absorbent for up to 10 washes. 

Laundry Day: 
You will find that your laundry loads will be a third of the size of your regular laundry loads!

  • Your GroVia® Shell and Soaker Pads can be washed together on warm with ½ the recommend amount of detergent
  • A second rinse will leave your diaper squeaky clean
  • While your GroVia® Shells can be tumbled dry, we HIGHLY recommend line drying your shells. They will dry in less than two hours and will stay nice longer
  • GroVia® Organic Soaker Pads can be tumbled dried

This may seem obvious but, whiteners, bleach, vinegar, enzyme cleaners and fabric softeners are not your diaper’s friends and will void all warranties.

How to avoid leaks with your GroVia® System?

  1. First and foremost your GroVia® Soaker Pads must be washed and dried on hot 3-5 times prior to use. Keep in mind that they will NOT reach their maximum absorbency for up to 10 washes.
  2. GroVia's®Organic Cotton Soaker Pads while very absorbent do not contain the SAP (super absorbent polymer) gels that make disposable diapers hold ridiculous amounts of liquid. This means you should plan on changing baby every two hours.
  3. For naps, nights, car trips and older babies we highly recommend adding a GroVia Booster to increase absorbency without adding much bulk.
  4. Refrain from using petroleum based diaper balms as this coat your Organic Cotton Soaker Pads affecting their ability to absorb liquid. A good alternative is Magic Stick.

Grovia Laundry


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GroVia hook and loop hybrid shells are always my go to recommendation for anyone new to cloth diapering. They are what we send to daycare. With so many teachers in and out of the classroom, I needed something simple. These are so easy to care for and get a good fit. For day care I usually use the organic cotton or no prep soaker pads in them during the day. For overnight, we use pad folded prefolds or fitteds. I love that they can be reused between changes, making them quite the economical choice. The tabs can be tucked in during laundering to preserve their integrity. Overall, these are super high quality and a great choice for anyone looking for an easy cloth diapering option!

I like the concept of this AI2 System from Grovia with the snap in soakers and ability to reuse the diaper.. however it has some cons for sure. The h&l closure version definitely is not my favorite. It only lasts around 6 months usually and then is not as sticky. No rubbing on the belly though like other velcro closure diapers but it wears out way too fast and gets pilly and will need snap conversion to keep using it. The snap version never fit right, either so i cannot recommend them.. too loose or too tight. Again in theory I liked the idea but definitely does not last. Cute prints and colors though and gentle elastics that did not leave red marks.

Grovia shells are so amazing! With my last child, I did not use Grovia and was constantly having to size up clothes to fit over a bulky cloth diaper booty. But Grovia hybrids are so trim that I dont have to size up at all! During the warm months, my son just wears a shirt and shows off his adorable Grovia prints! There is no way I could ever go back to any other diaper brand!

We love our GroVia Hook and Loop Shells!! These are the only cloth diapers my husband reaches for in our stash! I love how versatile they are, use a soaker or a prefold! We use the stay dry soakers because of their ease of care and high absorbency. Been using this system for 6 months and do not regret purchasing these great diapers. I have a pretty large stash so I have not had any problems with the hook and loop losing its ability to fasten well. However I line dry my shells. Also love that I can reuse shells that do not have poop on them. I will usually use about 3-4 shells a day and just rotate them between changes. Also we are 16 lbs and 7 months old and just now might have to consider moving to the middle rise snaps, but might be able to go another month or so. These diapers are fantastic and the closest thing in ease to a disposable diaper.

We love Grovia hybrid shells! They fit so well, wash beautifully, and are a great value. You can use them multiple times before needing to wash them. We love all of the colors too! The Green Diaper Store has a great selection of colors :)

GroVia has become our favorite Diaper and this print is wonderful. My grandson (who I buy for) is four months and right now we use both the Hook and Loop and Snap Hybrid. Both are wonderful, the Hook and Loop is just faster for me to use. We use these Hybrid more than we do the AIO because of the versatility. We use the Stay Dry Soaker (which are suppose to be the least absorbent) with a Booster or we use a Grovia Prefold as a Booster and we get 4 hours with this combination on a heavy wetting 4 month old.