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O.N.E. Cloth Diaper

The O.N.E diaper is a true all-in-one diaper (fits 10-35+ pounds) that comes with everything you’ll ever need to cloth diaper a baby: enough absorbency to forget boosters and doublers (even overnight), two built-in closure options, and a heavy-duty construction that is built to last.

The ONE features a unique Outlast closure system that gives the user the ability to choose between Hook & Loop and Snap closures, and the ability to buy a replacement kit when your Hook & Loop wears out. O.N.E.'s absorbency comes from a hidden body layer PLUS our one-of-a-kind cotton, channeled soaker design that is trim yet absorbent. All with the same amazing quality you've come to know and love in GroVia products.


No need to choose between Hook & Loop or Snap closures

With the O.N.E., you can have both! The removable Hook & Loop closure is perfect for those who love a “no-hassle” fit but want to transition to a snap closure later on.

  • Built-in extra absorbency means the perfect nighttime solution
  • Lasts from birth to potty learning (fits 10 - 35 lbs).
  • No prepping - can start using right away
  • Modular Snap In Soaker System allows for customization
  • Easy closure replacement
  • Fairly and conscientiously made in China

O - Outlast Closure
N - No Prep
E - Easy To Use


Hidden Inner Layer: 100% Polyester Microfiber
Outer: 100% Water Resistant Polyester TPU
Soaker: 100% Cotton topped with 100% Polyester Microfleece
Body Lining: 100% Polyester Microfleece
Outer: 100% Water Resistant Polyester TPU (Exclusive of Trim)

Washing Instructions

This is an All In One diaper, you must wash the entire diaper when soiled.

Before First Use

  • Remove Hook and Loop strips*
  • Wash once with detergent
  • Tumble dry

Regular Wash

  • Remove Hook and Loop strips*
  • Place soiled diaper into pail
  • Wash soiled diaper every two days
  • Wash on hot or warm with full amount of a good cleaning detergent
  • Add an extra rinse if needed
  • Tumble dry
  • Do not use fabric softeners
  • Do not dry clean or iron

*For maximum longevity of your hook and loop, we recommend removing prior to washing and drying.


Currently available in: Adventure, Astro, Ballot, Calico, Chiffon, Citrus, Cloud, Funfair, Haze, Holland, Lotus, Onyx Stripe, Ophelia, Tex, Topaz, Vanilla, Woodland Remix, Heartspring. This list is subject to change based on current inventory.

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I definitely wanted to love this diaper, it works for overnight use but it holds onto stink SOO bad it drives me nuts. Grovia recommends bleaching once a month to keep it at bay and I just don't like doing that. Wash routine is solid with all of our diapers, this one just really holds onto stink unfortunately. Also the fit is just a bit wonky, the top always ends up puckering outward. I will give it a couple stars for absorbency but that is about it.
The GroVia ONE is my go-to night time diaper! I love the multi-functionality of the hook and loop strip. I use the velcro or snaps at varying times, such as when my dad is babysitting the velcro comes out. We usually switch to snaps when baby gets a little older and starts to figure out how hook and loop systems work! At different fits and sizes, each closure style works differently. The double soaker pads and absorbent shell make this a perfect nighttime solution!
I really like that this diaper can use both velcro (hook and loop) and snaps. It allowed me to have both babysitters and myself use this diaper. The absorbency lends itself to an excellent nap diaper. We weren't able to use it at night, but I really liked it for babysitters and naps.
kind of disappointed with this grovia one . I feel like it's an over priced imagine , not seeing the hype !
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