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How to Lanolize a Wool Diaper Cover

Lanolizing wool covers and longies is easy. You can lanolize a cover in about 15 minutes. You don't need to wash wool diaper covers every time they are used. If you are using them in rotation with other covers and airing them out between uses you will likely not need to wash them more than once every week or two.

When you wash your wool diaper cover, use a gentle soap designed for wool care. You can use a small amount of baby shampoo or a lanolin rich wool wash such as those made by Sheepish Grins.

If you are using a lanolin rich wool wash, you will only need to lanolize your covers about every 3 weeks. You'll know the cover needs more lanolin because it will begin to leak or smell bad.

First, wash your cover or longies gently in wool safe soap and warm water. Don't agitate them too much or subject them to rapid temperature changes. This will cause the wool to tighten up, shrink and "felt." Gently press the water out and then set the wool diaper cover or longies aside for a moment.

Second, prepare your lanolin. If you are using a spray lanolin, just spritz it on (you want to use enough to dampen the wool, wafting a little lanolin around is not effective), massage it in a little and allow your cover to air dry. If you are using liquid or solid lanolin, add a little hot water to a clean sink or bowl. Add about 1 teaspoon lanolin and a few drops of baby shampoo. Swirl it around until it mixes into the water. Your water will now appear cloudy. Add just enough warm water to submerge the cover or longies.

Third, place the wool diaper cover in the sink and allow it to soak for 15 minutes or longer. Overnight is good. Gently drain out the water and wrap the cover in a towel to remove as much moisture as possible.

Finally, allow your cover to air dry.

That's it. You now have a freshly lanolized wool cover.