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Super Undies

Super Undies Pull-On Potty Training Pants are the only pull on style potty training pants out there with a reliable way of boosting absorption! Super Undies Pull-On Potty Training Pants are completely waterproof through the wet zone, but made with super stretchy side tabs for easy on...
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Super Undies Insert
Step-Up Inserts are used in Nighttime Undies potty training pants and in Pocket Trainers to add a varying amount of additional protection and absorbency. Daytime Undies come with a layer of absorbency, but sometimes you need to Step it Up! Add one, two, or three additional inserts to make your...
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Our pull-up training pants for incontinent kids with special needs can be used for delayed potty training, daytime diapering, and as a waterproof bigger cloth diapering option. If you need a bigger diaper than the size 7 found in grocery stores for teen incontinence, this could be your...
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Reusable Nighttime Training Pants If you are potty training at night or have a kid who wets the bed, you need something more than just potty training pants. Even the best trainers aren’t going to have enough absorbency to last all night.  Switching to cloth may even help your child...
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Super Undies Soaker Pod
These soaker pods are designed to be used with our Nighttime Underwear potty training pants, for people who find they need a bit more absorbency. Constructed from 2 layers of microfiber, about 5"x5", they will fit perfectly in the front pocket of the Nighttime Underwear or Cotton Nighttime...
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Strong waterproofing Super Undies are made with PUL, which is a thinly laminated non-wicking fabric. PUL has a soft drapey feel to it, is waterproof in nature, but allows more breathability than disposable diapers. Waterproof gussets line the legs of these Undies, locking in the wetness....
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These most inserts are designed to be used in all Super Undies products or can be used in any diaper or trainer when you need more absorbency. They are made of thee layers of microfiber absorbency and topped with a layer of thin wicking material. 
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